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Knife Promotion Giveaway

Just in time for Christmas! Fill the stocking of your favorite hunter, soldier, or resident good ole boy with something that will truly make his day!

Imagine his surprise and joy!

Trust me... when he unwraps the box and sees the knife he always wanted right there in his trembling hands, he will be forever in your debt.

Your "Honey Do" list will suddenly become his favorite past-time!

Mow the lawn? No problem!

Take out the trash? No problem!

Anything for you, honey!

How To Win Our Knife Contest

The winner will be determined by how many points they can earn during the contest period. Whoever earns the most points will win knife of their choice, up to $200.00 MSRP value.

The points you earn are as good as cash and can be used even if you don't win the contest!

If you DO win, you get a the knife - PLUS you can use all those points you earned to purchase another knife! Maybe a hunting knife, this time!

Ka-bar Presentation Grade Utility Knife

NOTE: This knife is for example only. The contest winner will choose whichever knife they want.
(Up to $200 value)

Ways To Earn Points

1) Create an account and check the "Allow Promotional Emails" checkbox - Get 5,000 points

2) Place our link on your website, a blog, Facebook, etc., - 5,000 points

3) Tell a friend about us. When they create an account - you earn 10,000 points


You're not obligated to buy anything... but, if you do - you get points for that, too!

Earn The Most Points And The Knife Is All Yours

The contest will run until Feb 1st, 2013, at 0600 (6am).

The points will be tallied immediately following the end of the contest period. The winner will be announced as soon as the tally is completed and verified.

**Please Read the Official Contest Rules **


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